IBPS Cut off marks: IBPS PO Exam Cut off Marks may be around 145?

IBPS Bank PO Exam have been over now and every one is now in wait of the results of IBPS PO exam 2016. Now we would discuss about the Expected Cut off Marks for IBPS PO and MT recruitment Exam. We don’t have the actual cut off Scores since this Exam was held first time. So we could only give you an approximate idea about the IBPS Cut off Marks.

The cut off marks would be depend upon two factors:

  1. Total no. of Candidates, and
  2. Difficulty level of the question papers.

Since the IBPS Exam have been attained by very large no. of candidates and hence the cut off marks may be quite high. Now lets approximate the possible cutoff marks for the IBPS Exam papers on the basis of the difficulty level of the question papers.

The papers was over all not so much tough. Some sections like GK and Computer were quite Easy. English Section was a little bit time consuming and Quantitative Section was tough for many but quit easy for them who were practiced well. Reasoning would have the stranded questions neither though nor easy. So we may expect the cut off marks for Each section some thing like below.

Sec 1 : Reasoning

  • Around 35 marks

Sec 2 : Quantitative

  • near about 35-40

Sec 3 : English

  • 18-22

Sec 4 : Computer

  • 35-40

Sec 5: G.K.

  • 30-35

Final Words: Over all Cut off for General category may be anywhere between 145-165 Marks. But If you have not performed very well in this Exam. Then Don’t worry so much about that because IBPS have been declared that they would conduct IBPS PO/ MT Exam Twice in an year. So look at the IBPS Exam Pattern once again, our previous post on IBPS Exam pattern and Study material could be found here. Start to Plan your studies from right now and achieve good ranking next time. You can also subscribe your Email to our site to get the information on the announcement of the date of the next IBPS PO Exam Notification.

Don’t forget that these marks are only our approximation and the final marks may be depend upon the final results. You can help us to conclude a more clear cut off by expressing your review on IBPS Expected cut off marks depending upon your Experience and performance in the Exam.

IBPS 2nd PO Notification could be found here: IBPS PO Notification 2016

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239 comments on “IBPS Cut off marks: IBPS PO Exam Cut off Marks may be around 145?
  1. the paper was totally difficult except ga and computer and i think the cut off marks would be
    maths =24
    Reasoning =28
    GA = 35
    Computer =34
    eng = 22
    what do you say?

    • gadhon: jaise 2m logon ne papers diya hai, osi k according cut off bata rhe ho…….cut off ye hoga bcoz IBPS keval score card degi….
      quant: 22
      Reasoning: 22
      G.S.: 25
      English: 12
      all d best to all guys who have did d questions above the cutoff marks…..

      • respected sir,
        I am frm general category and i secured 163 out of 250 and 188 out of 300, is there any chance fr me to b called fr interview? i m a bit tensed nwadays whether i would b called or nt?….

    • hey bhai, if u scored what u say markes then u have chance get selected any bank this around time. cutoff would be

      maths 18-20 marks

      reasoing 13-15 marks

      english 8-10

      ga 20-22

      ca 16-18

  2. guys da paper for ibps-po exam was quite tough than normal po exam, computer section was tha most easiest part while reasoning nd quant. were quiet tough. i beleive that cut-offs will be low.

  3. I believe IBPS Cut off might be up a little to anything between 150-175. Remember this cut off I am talking about is for getting a call from all the 19 banks.

    But I strongly believe that a score of 120-140 will also get you a call from 2-3 banks for sure.

  4. The IBPS Paper was so much lengthy and was very difficult to Solve in two hrs duration. IBPS must consider about taking papers in two shifts from next time.

    Thanks for a deep analysis on IBPS Cut off marks.

  5. paper was not so much tough but the level was a little bit above then other PO Exams. The Information provided by IBPS was enough to prepare for IBPS Exams.

  6. I think cut of marks must be


    When would IBPS declare the results?
    Waiting eagerly with crossing fingers.

    • have u lost it…….let’s be logical….even sbi po has cut off of 40% for general…..n ibps has much more vacancies than SBI after all 19 psu banks,so don’t u think it will have less cut off than SBI, n 40% of 250 is 100,so max cut off will be 100 or less……….

      • Mrinmoy, I totally agree with you, but these marks are not enough to get a job, am I right? Can you please put some more weight on how much marks can land us in a bank job?

  7. i think the level of exam was quite difficult
    nothing can be said about the cut off marks i believe that the cut of marks for maths reasoning and english could have been 20 to 25
    20 to 22 and 10 to 18 for english the rest section was average
    the paper was really horrible !!!!!

  8. i think the level of exam was quite difficult
    nothing can be said about the cut off marks i believe that the cut of marks for maths reasoning and english could have been 20 to 25
    20 to 22 and 10 to 18 for english the rest section was average
    the paper was really horrible !!!!!

  9. The IBPS paper was tough to solve in 2hrs duration. Except computer knowledge, general awareness and quantitative aptitude, it is little bit difficult to solve reasoning and english comprehension.

    We are eagerly waiting for results.

  10. overall cut off should bo around 130 to 145.this is based on previous po exams.

    my attempts was-169

      • dear friend
        my brother got only 60% of marks and he is now working in a public sector bank.so general category cut cut off may be around 125 marks.

      • Dear whosoever

        Getting 75% and not performing well in interview and GD will take u no where. So one need to perform well in interview and GD as well to get selected!!

        • True! But the competition would be reached to a new level when the next IBPS Exams would be conducted by them and A huge no. of qualified candidates would apply for the same Job.

  11. CONFIRM——-

    quan.,reason.(approx 13) ,
    gk,comp.(approx 17)
    and english(approx 5 or 6 maximam).OUT OFF 25

    after see it chek all apdates about it and then evalute ……………

    for sc/st TOTAL NO .60-70/250
    for obc/gen.TOTAL NO.70-90/250


    • I thnk ur prediction will be right because the paper is not too easy to gain 70% i.e. 175 cut off marks. But in GA it is slightly more say 20-23.
      Let’s see what will happen.
      Best of luck Vimal

    • i completely agree with u vimal…cuttoff marks are somwhere b/w 50-60…about 2-3 lakhs candidates are declared qualified by IBPS..getting the score card doesnt means that one is going to get job..according to me candidates who got 65(plus) percentile score will get a call for interview.

      all d best to all of u,

  13. guys this exam is kind of different exam , most people who are already selected for clerks have also written this exam , though there are more number of posts , but good cream of candidates written this exam is also in proportionate ,
    individual sectional cut offs less than 17 for every section , but overall cut off definitely more than 130, as the paper bit tougher than usual …

  14. Dear sir,

    I hv lost my original fee receipt of po exam wat can i do for my supplimentary exam plz give me a sugetion……………………….

  15. I think cut-off would be somewhat between 125-150,i have done good in all sections excepts reasoning,in which i have done 25 question,but in other i hv attempted more than 35 question,so whether i have a chance of selection friends,please reply.

  16. have u guys lost it……be logical,even SBI po has set cutoff for general as 40%,and it’s IBPS,it has much more vacancies then SBI,after all there are 19 psu banks,40% of 250 is 100,so max cutoff for general will be 100. N guys if u don’t trust me just check last year’s bank of baroda(which is in IBPS this year)cut off for PO in written, it was 60-70 for general and 40-50 for sc/st out of 275 marks(it’s RTI result). so,be relax n stay away from rumours.

  17. भाई परीक्षाफल कब तक प्रकाशित होगा ये तो बताओ. its almost gonna be 3 month.
    IBPS ka toll free number hai to plz call them and get to kno the tentative dates .
    all the best

  18. i think as sbi cut off is 40% for general category, and 35% for sc/st/obc so by estimating those values the cut off will be 17.5 for obc/sc as sectional cut off. also for general it will be around 20 sectinal cut off. But the level of exam was very tough , so the cut off will be around as , also there are lot of vacancies are there so lets hope for the best……………………….

    for obc/sc for gen
    maths -14 maths-16
    reasonig-14 reasoning-16
    ga-14 ga-16
    com-17 com-19
    eng-6 eng-8

  19. hai,i m quilified in ibps po but i have some problem .how much time take in interview and when will start interview in 2012 .


  21. i have cleared the exam and i want to know when will score card will come to our home and as i dont have the mba degree and any other professional course will it matter in the interview or suppose the cut off is 140 and my marks are 180 will it help me to get through the interview without any problem. please help

  22. sir, i qualify po exam and i want to know how much time start to interview and i m in obc cetagory so how many marks are good for me

  23. i hаνе cleared thе exam аnd i want tο know whеn wіll score card wіll come tο ουr home BUT I HAVE A PROBLEM, I GAIN IN GRADUATION IN 50.5 PERCENT. AM I ELIGIBLE FOR EVERY BANK WHICH INCLUDE IN IBPS.аnd i m іn SC cetagory ѕο hοw many mаrkѕ аrе gοοd fοr mе

  24. I wonder how people here mentioning such a high cutt-off marks like 140-150 range while all leading banking coaching institute in India have predicted that cut-off will be quite low due large no of seats and pattern of questions asked and most importantly IBPS have clearly mentioned about the scoring process in theira dvertisement, it is based on CAT pattern by calculating average score and standard deviation technique for selecting candidated in different categories.
    I you fall in general category with a overall score of 125-130 is enough to get into any of these 19 banks.

  25. hello,

    my total weighted score is 133 in OBC catagory

    reasoning 21
    maths 28
    ga 27
    comp. 34
    english 23

    i have done MBA with 58% marks i have work experience of 4 yrs in sales and marketing.
    well, i have any chance of getting interview call from approx how many banks

  26. u r right rohit there are many candidate who scored 125+ if the cutoff will be so high like 140-145 then there is no reason to qualified in exam and why did ibps give them certificate of pass if the cutoff is around 25 marks more…

  27. I Think the Cut-Offs for Interviews will b decided by all banks seperately, The level of Exam was not much difficult so the cut-Off might go high. From My View point the minimum cut-Off for Interview might b between 130-160 but that is nt fixed as it can vary according to banks.
    The IBPS won’t call for Interviews but the banks which need new recruits will advertise the cut-Offs they required for the Interview and the candidate can judge himselfherself that where HeShe stands according to those cut-Offs.

  28. hi sir,
    i got 129 marks in ibps po exam & my sessional cutoff is;

    & i am belonging from sc category. so i have any chance to get job through this cutoff

  29. yar tum log pagal ho gye ho kya…jindagi bhar tension lete lete hi mar jaoge…fact is that ap kebal predict kr sakte hai…isliye thoda wait kro sab samne aa jayega..pahle exam ki tension fir result ki..aur ab naukari ki…aise sochoge to p.o ki ummeede chor do mere bhai..make urself stong as u can

  30. I got 133 marks in IBPS po Exam and i m belongs to OBC Category.
    I done MBA with First Class.
    There were any chance of geeting Call from respectively 19 Bank for Gujarat Region ???
    Anybody have any Authentication Idea for that ??? Then Plz let me know ofthe same……………

  31. Hello,

    I have cleared the PO exam with 153 marks (OBC Category). How to apply to banks? What is the next procedure? Kindly advice.

  32. Sir,
    I have cleared IBPS PO exam with a score of 145. The sectional cutoff is as follow.
    Reasoning 24, Quant 30, Ga 31, Comp 35, English 25, Descriptive 25.
    I belonged to OBC Woman catogery. Will it engough to get through the interview process



    The IBPS in its guidebook mentions in section G that:-

    “Each candidate will have to secure a minimum standardized score in each of the tests to qualify in the written examination and to be considered for vacancies in the participating banks. The cut-off points will be decided based on the average (Average – ¼ Standard Deviation for General category candidates and Average – ¾ Standard Deviation for Reserved Category candidates).”

    For those who want to know how it actually works please go through below. Ideally it should work like this.

    At first let me tell something about standard deviation; it shows how much diversion is there from the average value. It is calculated in this way; let us consider scores like 12, 11, 15 and 14. The average as you can easily calculate is 13.

    1. Now, subtract the average from each number and square it. Like (12-13)2 , which is 1.

    2. This way you would get 1, 4, 1, and 4; now find their average (which is 2.5) and simply find the square root, which is the standard deviation. In this case average is 2.5 and standard deviation will be 1.58.

    So in this way let’s say for example there are 20 candidates securing these marks in English out of 50. The standard deviation comes to 8.54 and average 25.9. Now putting in these values we get the General Candidates cut off to be 23.05 and Reserved Category Candidates cut-off to be 19.49. Considering everyone belongs to general category, the green ones indicate the successful candidates.

    Names Marks Marks over/below the cutoff

    A 25 1.95

    B 30 6.95

    C 31 7.95

    D 22 -1.05

    E 18 -5.05

    F 26 2.95

    G 31 7.95

    H 40 16.95

    I 12 -11.05

    J 33 9.95

    K 27 3.95

    L 22 -1.05

    M 15 -8.05

    N 16 -7.05

    O 21 -2.05

    P 25 1.95

    Q 36 12.95

    R 42 18.95

    S 14 -9.05

    T 32 8.95

    Average 25.9

    Standard Deviation 8.54

    General Cut-off 23.05 (average-1/4 th of Stndard Deviation)

    Reserved Cut-off 19.49 (average-3/4 th of standard Deviation)

  35. Sir,
    I got a TOTAL WEIGHTED STANDARD SCORE of 148 in IBPS PO exam with,
    30 marks i reasoning,
    28 marks in Quantitative Aptitude,
    28 marks in General Awareness,
    32 marks i Computer Knowledge,
    31 marks in English Language,
    29 marks in Descriptive Paper.
    As per your discussion what are my chances and what to do with the standard deviation…

    • Dear Priyanka,
      I have also secured 133 marks in the IBPS PO exams.
      Which category do you belong to?
      What are your individual scores?
      If your individual score is above 20 in each section all you have to do is just wait. Candidates securing 125+ have fair enough chances for being called for an interview, but at a later stage. In the initial stage the banks would demand high scores.
      For more co-ordination kindly be in touch through mails.
      My e-mail id is : ashwani.4u.1986@gmail.com / ashwani4u1986@rediffmail.com

  36. I got 131 stander weightege in obc category .will i be called by nam
    How much chances for my selection.n when will
    Interview started

  37. i have secured 144 marks in general category.
    my marks are classified as
    quantitative aptitude-31
    general awareness-26
    computer knowledge-28

    kindly tell me that what are my chances of getting job.

  38. i hаνе secured 136 mаrkѕ іn reserved category.
    mу mаrkѕ аrе classified аѕ
    quantitative aptitude-24
    general awareness-32
    computer knowledge-30

    kindly tеll mе thаt whаt аrе mу chances οf getting job.

  39. i have recived scorecard where there is a mistake in the gender column(female category hase been denoted insted of male).will it creat any while applying to banks. please reply……

  40. sir,

    i have got weighted average marks 140 in IBPS PO exam and i belong to ST reserve category can i will call for interview in any bank plz reply thank you

  41. sir,


  42. Sir there is problem with me. My age was not 21 as on 01-07-2011.
    If there was minimum age as criteria for individual banks this should have been informed by IBPS. Is there any chance foe me to appear in the union bank which is recruiting 2400 candidates.

  43. sir i can’t attend many of banks interview due to underage because banks criteria is 1-7-2011 must be 21 years . but ibps take exam on 20 years. please give me solution

    • friend,
      don’t leave ur Infosys job opportunity. cause Infosys offers much more perks and benefits apart from handsome salary package. don’t compare it with banks. Infosys is one of best employers in world. if u gain experience in infosys, u’ll get much more bright future opprtunities in india as well as abroad.

  44. sir,i got 151 mark and total weighted score is 125.i belongs to obc category….. so i will be called by any bank or not? plz reply to me….thank you

    • deaqr u got less than me ..

      my score is only 249…

      yaar i missed one question yaar….

      what is my chance to get inteview call…

  45. i hv scored 141/250 and i belong to OBC category…. what are my chances of getting a call for interview from banks….???? as they are making the merit list …..

  46. sir, i hav scored 144 and belong to general. r there any chances for me?? and how will v be getting the notifications of vacancies?? like in paper or wil v be called thru call letters or will b receiving any mails?? pls let me know.

    • hi anu
      you have to check websites of all 19 banks for advt you will not get any call/email ok and apply to banks.
      if any doubt call me 9627567634

  47. I have scored 122 marks in P.O. results. Is there a chance for me to get an interview from Ibps group banks.

    Reply to this comment

  48. does anybody passed IBPS PO exam but hv graduation number under 50 %?? plz mail me in this mail address….john_love23@rediffmail.com …its urgent

  49. hi
    I have not taken print out of system generated application of UBI. Today when i tried to take it said last date for application is over. But the last date to take print out is 30 jan 2012 as mentioned on its website.can anyone please help me. thanks in advance

  50. sir i having score of 121 marks .. what preparation i do for interview. can any possibility to getting job… this exam having any cut of point…

  51. sir, i have qualified in ibps p.o exam and my score is 136 and i belong from s.t category what will be my position will i get finally selected in any of the 19th bank

  52. Hai my total weightage score 139 belong to obc category is there any chances for me to get job any 19 bank please suggest me

  53. Hi, my IBPS score is 137, with more dan 75% in gratuation..
    can any one please say me is there any chance for me to get job in any one of the 19 banks???????

  54. i have scored 148 marks in ibps ,is there any chance for me to get a call for interview in any of the banks.i belong to gen category and have 1st div marks in graduation.

    • Brother its very difficult to get a chance i have 151 n could note get a singal call yet from any bank lets pray that this cut off should fall more and we can also have some chance

  55. sir i have got 134 in ibps exam from sc category. my graduation percent is 51% but my age is not complete 21yrs. will any chance for me. please tell me sir

  56. Actually guys i have not qualified for the Ibps exam this yr bt i am preparing for next yr, just want to know 1 thing, The scorecard u are getting is Out of 250 or 275, because there was also a section of descriptive english in the exam which was of 25 marks??

    • actually union bank of india ve done fraudulency. b4 applying for the post they dint mentioned anything abt d cutoff mark n while shortlisting they mentioned it by dat tym oly.. so dont expect much frm union bank

  57. Sir/Madam, I’ve scored 168 marks in Ibps PO/MT exam. But my graduation percentage are only 51%.. As being a general candidate, is their any probability to get a call for interview from any bank. Please do reply.

  58. I am from General category with 155 Score .Am very concern about My Interview call. I am very fustrated after the Union Bank’s Declaration of Cut off of 166 marks.

  59. sir, i am a general candidate with 159 marks.can i expect interview call from any bank? what about the required marks for the selection to interview for general category students?

  60. I hаνе scored 140 mаrkѕ іn P.O. results. Iѕ thеrе a chance fοr mе tο gеt аn interview frοm Ibps group banks

    i belong frοm Gen category whаt wіll bе mу position wіll i gеt finally selected іn аnу οf thе 19th bank

  61. i got 143(TWS)general category, 68% in graduation.would i get an interview call from BANK OF INDIA or any other bank?

  62. sir
    my nam is rajib das.i got 121 marks in ibps clerk exam,sir can i get chaance any interview n belongs to obc category.

    • dun waste time, almost all bank releasd cut off mark,chk n apply.use shotgun theory..best of luck. Jaldi join karo,we r waiting 4 u all energetic guy..

  63. my score in ibps is 168 (OBC)
    and i hav selected in south indian bank written exam…comterview will be in next week… pl say some suggestions for me

  64. please tell me sir about the final cut-off of UNION BANK OF INDIA, give me an instant information..I am GENERAL CATEGORY and the cut-off for final selection in any nationalised bank..

  65. Respted sir, i got 149 in ibpsclrk obc catg maharastr. Is thr any chans to get job or even chans for intrview.plz giv ur valuabl sugetion. Thank u sir!


  67. i m from gen(pwd) category in ibps po my score is 133 & in ibps clerical score is 150 is there any chance for interview ?

    • Its difficult for PO, but there is lack of info about your cat, state, etc. for clerical…it will depend on these things you may get any call……….

  68. Dear all candidates,

    Must read this,
    i have taken the final selected PO list in both the websites Union and corporation.i have attached the excel sheet also. It is very hard to say this information to you. There are totally 195 candidates who are selected in both Union bank and Corp bank. The total vacancies of corporation bank is 355 only. Out of them, 195 were already selected in Union. Now who is going to suffer?. Obviously, both the waiting candidates and also the bank will suffer. Please guys, those who are reading this, you must post this whereever if possible. If you do this, this will create some awareness for the bank recruiters. Also the upcoming banks going to call the same candidates who were selected for their interview. This type of process will never allow the candidates who scored below 140 to enter into interview.

    • Thank you for understanding our problem and i have secured 143 marks yar and about this i have consulted a few of my friends who are already working they gave me a confidence that i wil get a job in any of the banks but after seeing statistics given by ibps i came to a conclusion that i cannot attend even one interview

  69. Hi all, i have read all the reviews above and quite frankly i am a bit nervous about my exam, as you can see i have just filled up my form for the bank po exam and started studying, but as i was browsing through i came across this website and noticed that some of the people who have scored very highly according to me are finding it a bit tough to get a job as a probationary officer, so whoever is monitoring this website please give me a positive feedback on the po cutoff’s and the available vacancies and how many have properly made it as a probationary officer please i need the feedback…………..anybody who comes across this please don’t hesitate to share whatever you feel…..

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